one from Calvin

I think my desert island book would be the collected works of Calvin and Hobbes.

Desert Island CD? – oof. I don’t know. Miles Davis’ Silent Way? Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas? The Fixx – Reach the Beach? Probably one of those three.

We resist the unknown. The greatest unknown is our own inner being. I think that’s why yoga student’s can get so obsessed about teacher’s; who’s good, who’s bad, who wasn’t very nice to them that one time, etc – or obsess about getting poses just right, or maybe just kind of float through class without doing much more than leaving with a vague sense of having had a nice workout. But to go on our mats and look inside? To study the breath in each pose and realize that each breath and each moment in the pose is taking us deeper into the depths of ourselves? Holy Moly. That’s awesomely wonderful but also a little scary.

(sigh) I know. I know. Calvin said it better.