2016 in Retrospect

Our Yoga Studio has seen a great many changes and developments in this last year and the new year is perfect time to take a closer look at what we’ve accomplished together and where we’re headed.

Change of Ownership

The beginning of Summer began with a change of ownership as Rob took over the reins from Angeline as the formal administrator of the business. This went under just about everyone’s radar as we both worked hard to keep our yoga studio offering the same professional standards as before with minimum drama, mix-ups, dropped balls or general chaos. Angeline continues to teach her classes at the studio, offer monthly workshops and is very much partners with Rob in keeping the spirit and energy of Richmond Beach Yoga alive and well. She continues to advise on matters such as our Yoga Teacher Training coming in the Spring, adding or changing the yoga classes on our weekly schedule and organizing the various special events and offers that pop up at our yoga studio.

RBY’s 5th Year Anniversary

October was the 5th year anniversary of RBY and we had a blast offering a day of free classes in honor of the event. Both the main yoga studio and the side studio featured 40 minute classes from 9 to 3pm. The teachers loved doing it. The students loved taking the classes. It was so great that we all agreed to not wait another five years but offer this at every anniversary of RBY.

Men’s and Women’s Retreats

We had a men’s retreat at the Cascades Learning Institute and a women’s retreat at the Sleeping Lady in Leavenworth. Both in the month of October. While we had retreats before these, these were our first more specialized retreats at further out and more exclusive locales. We hope to continue offer something similar in the years to come.

40 Classes a Week!

Only a year ago, RBY weekly class size was in the low 20’s. Beginning in 2017, we have 40 different offerings that can be taken on any given week in both our main yoga studio and side studio. These range from the gentlest of classes, our candle light restorative and meditation to our alignment specific hatha classes to vinyasa, power vinyasa and our specialized strength clinic. Our students know that our teachers make an effort to keep every class new, so even within a particular style of  yoga we offer variety.

Meditation: 5 times a week

One year ago, we had one meditation class a week that drew in seattle meditators and those from around shoreline and edmonds. We now have three a week, with two additional 45 minute silent sits in the evenings to compliment the classes. Meditation is such an important underpinning of yoga, we’re proud to offer this incredible practice at our studio.

The Side Studio

Now revamped with a new paint job, blinds and decor, we’re offering all of our meditations in the side studio, along with the kids yoga series and our pre-natal classes. It’s a gorgeous space, we encourage you to come and check it out, even if you’re taking a class in the main studio.

Updated and Revamped Website

The website has been streamlined, cutting down on the amount of information thrown at the reader and made compatible with smartphones and tablets.