Mary’s Place Offerings

RBY is now offering a monthly donation to Mary’s Place, a women’s shelter in Seattle. Every month we collect specific items to give to the shelter. If you’d like to share, please bring them in to the office before class. Thanks!
This month our focus is on Hair Products, specifically ones designed for African hair. We’re looking for thick tooth combs, natural bristle brushes, oil based moisturizers, thick ponytail holders, and edge control. These items are easy to find at drug store and dollar stores. Also, ask your hair salon if they have any that they are willing to donate.

Deep Stretch

At Richmond Beach Yoga Studio, we are excited to be offering two new intensive stretching classes, Tuesday and Thursday at 8am. Like our Yin class, the Deep Stretch classes are designed primarily to work towards greater flexibility in the hips, hamstrings and lower back while developing a deep sense of root and energy in the mind. It differentiates from the Yin class in that one occasionally will see some classic Yang or standing poses thrown in, although they also will be held for longer than one might see in a typical hatha class.

Probably the greatest challenge these classes present to the student is not so much the intensity of the stretch in the pose, as all can easily be modified and pulled back from if needed, but the fact that there’s not a whole lot going on to keep the student occupied. There’s the pose, the breath and the sensations of the body often for up to two or three minutes. If there’s a lack of focus on the students part, what can be a fascinating meditation on the physical and energetic aspects of the body, can turn in something quite listless, uncomfortable and, dare I say it, boring. Boredom, in all things, but especially in yoga, can always be seen as a wall in our perception, a limit in our own personal horizon that can be overcome through a simple application of our attention to the matter at hand; the breath, the body, and our reactions to the pose. Seated meditation and Yin type yoga classes are perfect for working with this boundary. What lies behind boredom, when we pass through it – is the recognition of the steady pulse of our being and senses flowing through the present moment. What lies there is our own center, independent and clear of competing interests, a steady part of our being that’s not contingent on others or on entertainment of any sort to feel alive and meaningful. Sound to good to be true? Try it and see!

Teacher Training: Study Is a Source of Joy

In one of my favorite yoga books, Georg Feuerstein writes: “An ancient scripture, the Shata-Patha-Brahmana (, declares that, for serious students, study is a source of joy. It focuses the student’s mind and lets him or her sleep peacefully. It also yields to insight and the capacity to master life. What more could one ask for?” (“The Deeper Dimensions of Yoga” by Georg Feuerstein. Pg. 165)

Richmond Beach Yoga School offers one of the most challenging and stimulating teacher trainings in the Seattle area. In our training, you won’t skim the surface of things. You’ll go deep until you gain true understanding of several core yogic principles, which gives you a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Email the studio for an interview to find out if our program is a fit for you.

Inspiration from Fellow Students

Last week, a participant in the Summer Challenge told me her back has never felt better. She has been coming to class every day since the summer solstice, and she is glowing!

Yesterday, a student reported after class: “I did things today that I didn’t know I could do!”

And also this week, a student told me she’d just had her “best class ever for her shoulder”.

Keep practicing, and your own breakthroughs are coming!







Magical Flutes at RBY: Torrey Talks About the Sound Bath

How was the last Sound Bath? Did you enjoy it?
The last Sound Bath was such a wonderful event! In the past, I have attended Sound Baths as a participant and love the meditative effects of the music. I really enjoy collaborating with Kate Towell and being able to offer this relaxing experience to others!

What instrument do you play?
For a Sound Bath, I play two beautiful Native American flutes. They are both made out of cedar which gives them their soft, yet haunting tone quality. One of the flutes is a single barrel end-blown flute, similar to a recorder. The other is a drone flute, meaning it has two barrels side by side. The drone side produces only one note while the other side plays multiple notes. This allows it to sound as though two flutes are playing at once! The timbre of these Native American flutes melds really well with the sounds of the Himalayan Singing Bowls played by Kate. It makes for a very enchanting hour of calming music for the Sound Bath.

What is your musical background?
I am also a classically-trained professional flutist. I have a thriving studio of private flute students, teach at Edmonds Community College, and regularly perform at weddings and other events in the area.

Will there be another Sound Bath soon?
Yes! We are thrilled that these Sound Baths are so popular! In order for everyone to have the best experience possible, we must limit the attendance. We schedule the Sound Baths to celebrate the shifts in seasons, so there is one this Sunday, June 21st for the Summer Solstice. The next one is already scheduled for September 20th, for the upcoming fall equinox. We recommend you sign up early as the Sound Baths tend to sell out!