Changes to Meditation

RBY will be slowly shifting how we conduct the meditations. There will be a recorded Satsang from the teacher, Mooji, during the meditation. Often we will listen to the same teaching, as the message is timeless and incredibly important (and the repetition will encourage sitters to focus more on themselves than the teache) but we will also sometimes listen to further Satsangs, especially on the weekdays.
On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays sometimes we will sometimes just listen to 30 minutes of Satsang and then sit quietly for 20 and sometimes we will listen for the full 50. On Sundays we will listen to just 25 minutes or so and then discuss over tea. People are of course invited to sit in mediation posture and quietly go inwards during the talk, it’s not a lecture, but an invitation to go ever deeper into ones self. Actually, experienced sitters won’t notice much of a change, just a soothing voice in the back ground.
as always, meditation is free and open to the public.
below is the satsang we will probably listen to most often…