Deep Stretch

At Richmond Beach Yoga Studio, we are excited to be offering two new intensive stretching classes, Tuesday and Thursday at 8am. Like our Yin class, the Deep Stretch classes are designed primarily to work towards greater flexibility in the hips, hamstrings and lower back while developing a deep sense of root and energy in the mind. It differentiates from the Yin class in that one occasionally will see some classic Yang or standing poses thrown in, although they also will be held for longer than one might see in a typical hatha class.

Probably the greatest challenge these classes present to the student is not so much the intensity of the stretch in the pose, as all can easily be modified and pulled back from if needed, but the fact that there’s not a whole lot going on to keep the student occupied. There’s the pose, the breath and the sensations of the body often for up to two or three minutes. If there’s a lack of focus on the students part, what can be a fascinating meditation on the physical and energetic aspects of the body, can turn in something quite listless, uncomfortable and, dare I say it, boring. Boredom, in all things, but especially in yoga, can always be seen as a wall in our perception, a limit in our own personal horizon that can be overcome through a simple application of our attention to the matter at hand; the breath, the body, and our reactions to the pose. Seated meditation and Yin type yoga classes are perfect for working with this boundary. What lies behind boredom, when we pass through it – is the recognition of the steady pulse of our being and senses flowing through the present moment. What lies there is our own center, independent and clear of competing interests, a steady part of our being that’s not contingent on others or on entertainment of any sort to feel alive and meaningful. Sound to good to be true? Try it and see!