This Short Blog Post is About Rain and Energy Channels in Our Bodies and Feeling Awesome.

Ten years old again! After hours at the computer, I venture out in my Canadian galoshes and my yellow reflective vest, umbrella in hand. This is not a drizzle or a mist. This is a decisive rain with no sign of stopping. I find myself trekking through rivulets and plunking through puddles. I trust my boots. A flock of geese materializes like a magic trick from a thick cloud and speeds west. The air is fresh and the sky is within reach. This wet world conjures thoughts of the nadis, and I find myself wondering if Richmond Beach Yoga students know what the nadis are. The word means “little river” in Sanskrit, and refers to the vast network of energy pathways in our electric bodies. This is the lit-up matrix of life coursing through our “mortal coils” and beyond. What have you done today that lit you up? That gave you energy? That turned you on like a disco ball? That made you feel lively as an impromptu creek that impishly careens down the street, unstoppable, free as the wild geese, that meets another stream at the corner and laughs all the way down the hill? What have you done recently that you loved to do when you were 10 years old? Especially if you can’t make it to yoga class today, go and DO THAT!