Hands-On Adjustments in Yoga Classes

How do we receive a hands-on adjustment?

First of all, just receive it; there is no need to say thank you.

Your teacher is happy to adjust you. It’s our job. Whether we are doing a deepening assist or actually helping you correct your pose, we are glad to be doing it. It’s one of many things that keep our job interesting and it adds another dimension to your practice and our instruction.

Many people are primarily kinesthetic learners. They learn by doing, and touch is very informative for them. Sometimes we can hear the same words over and over but they don’t sink in. Then a teacher moves us in the right direction with just a light touch, and suddenly we understand! I know I have had that experience many times.

If you do not like hands-on adjustments, let the teacher know. If there is a particular adjustment that was uncomfortable or confusing or awkward, you can let the teacher know very quietly or after class. If you are dealing with an injury or recent surgery it is very important to let the teacher know so she or he does not aggravate the situation unknowingly.

Do participate in the adjustment. Pay attention to what is happening and see if you can learn from it so in the future you can bring your body into the desired alignment on your own. I know I am not alone when I say that as a yoga teacher, I am interested in your learning the poses and developing the confidence you need to practice independently.