How to choose “Your” Yoga Studio

I have been to many yoga studios. What keeps me coming back to a yoga studio is determined by many factors. These factors are subjective, but here are 7 aspects to consider when choosing a yoga studio.

Yoga StudioLocation

It is going to be hard to be consistent with your practice if your yoga studio is far away or hard to get to. Richmond Beach Yoga is easy access from anywhere in Shoreline, even parts of Seattle  on the north end are a 10 minute drive. To make the whole yoga experience healthy, we’d ideally like to walk or bike to our yoga studio, but that is not possible for all of us. So, at very least keep the drive short and pick a non-rush-hour class time so that you are not stressed when you arrive.

Yoga Teacher Quality

All of our yoga teachers at RBY have been through extensive yoga teacher training, some more than once. Some of our teachers even teach a yoga teacher training 200 hour intensive at our yoga studio. In addition to experience, you want your yoga teacher to be personable and friendly. Please read about our yoga teachers and see who seems right for you.

Yoga Styles That Fit

Are you attracted to hard workouts or spiritual happiness? Are you working through an injury or just trying to work out stagnant body kinks. Read about what a yoga studio offers. For example, RBY is not a hot yoga studio, or bikram yoga studio. Our yoga studio is “room temperature”. We offer a wide variety of yoga styles: hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, power yoga, yin yoga, and so much more.

A Beautiful Yoga Studio

I’ve been to many yoga studios. One felt like I was in a 1980’s office space, another was taller than it was wide, and in those spaces, after a while, I did not want to go back, just because of the space. Beauty is subjective, but subconsciously or consciously, we pick things because they are “beautiful”. The RBY yoga studio has an open feel, natural light, nice smooth bamboo floors, mirrors, and walls painted in soothing colors. Just the space alone will make you want to come back again and again.

Special Offers and Price of Yoga Classes

Special offers are nice but be realistic about how many times a month you can go to yoga class, and price your yoga studios based on that. RBY’s most common class card is the 10 class card averaging at $14 a visit and expiring in 6 months giving you plenty of time to use all 10. For more special offers, see our pricing.

More Than Yoga

Lastly, many people are looking for more than a yoga class. RBY is a yoga studio offering more than a place you do yoga. Meet friends and be a part of our little community. Take workshops, meditation classes, go on a retreat, or try outdoor yoga in the summer. We have a variety of options like this Savasana Workshop coming up in January 2017.