Letting Go of the Banana!

Lately, I’ve been talking in Savasana about the Monkey and the Banana.
For those of you who want to hear about the Monkey and the Coconut and the Banana from Mooji, himself. Here it is.
The key, it seems to me, is to see how that even as we strive for freedom we seem to be caught. We reach for the sky yet are pulled simultaneously down back to earth and seem to go nowhere. Just like the monkey trying to escape from the monkey catcher; he can’t be free because he’s unconsciously holding onto to something.
So, what is it in our own lives and practice that, despite all of our efforts, is keeping us caught? What is the banana we’re holding onto? I don’t think it’s our love of binge TV or buying stuff on Amazon or any of our other tiny little indulgences. I think Mooji is pointing to something much more basic and out of our normal field of awareness. But, it’s up to you to decide how it relates to your practice! Enjoy!