Are You Considering a Silent Meditation Retreat?

Every time I go to a silent meditation retreat, people seem intrigued. They often say, “I think I could use one of those.” Can you imagine 3 or more days with no cell phone, no internet, and no social talking? Does the idea appeal to you?

We are fortunate in this area to have many opportunities for silent retreat.  Cloud Mountain Retreat Center in southwest Washington is a gem, and they have a variety of visiting teachers throughout the year.

Bodhiheart Sangha offers one retreat every August on beautiful Samish Island. You can attend all or part of the retreat. See their website to learn more about these wonderful teachers and their strong Buddhist lineage.

You can do an internet search, of course, and you can contact Northwest Dharma News for a list of meditation classes and events in the Pacific Northwest.

One retreat that many of my friends and acquaintances from all walks of life and all traditions and cultures have done is the vipassana retreat in the tradition of S.N. Goenka at Northwest Vipassana Center.   This 10-day donation-based retreat can be a game changer for many people, and it can be a good foundation for going on to study with any teacher in any meditation tradition.