We’re glad you like the new schedule!

Thank you for all the enthusiastic feedback about the new schedule! Many hours of thought went into crafting it, so to know that students are pleased and excited matters a lot. Some folks are going to miss the Tuesday/Thursday 5 p.m., but I am hoping the addition of the 5 p.m. class on Saturday will offer you all another good option. I encourage you to be adventurous and try the new classes: Yoga Breathing, Philosophy, and Meditation Group Practice. Teens are also welcome in all of the classes. All of the classes are included in your membership (6-month, annual, and Monthly Autopay).

Detailed descriptions of our (your!) new classes will be added to the Class Descriptions page of our website within the next few days.

Psst! Keep an eye out for a wonderful surprise later this month. (Hint: We’re not quite done refining and embellishing the schedule!)