In the Teachers’ Words: To All of You Who Are New to Yoga (And Really, Who Isn’t?)

Here is some practical advice from 3 of our teachers:

From Molly Filer:

Be patient. This is a practice of microscopic shifts and slow transformation. It is not about learning to do fancy poses (although you might learn to do those too!), but about cultivating the ability to turn your attention inward and notice what your body is asking for in every shifting moment. An ideal yoga practice, in my opinion, is one where you make your own choices rather than following the people around you. It’s about learning about your needs and staying true to them.

From Alison Solam:

Don’t be scared, we all were brand new to this once. No one is going to insist you do anything. See if you can make this a competition-free exploration. And while we are at it, a pain-free exploration. Work at your own pace and your own level, and give yourself permission to (safely) try something challenging, without it needing to be “perfect”, and also permission to proceed very gently or even to completely rest. Enjoy yourself–for me, a big part of what has kept me practicing all these years is that it is so much fun!

From Kristen Stevens:

Listen to your body, feel your breath. Be gentle with yourself without judgement. Notice the effects of each pose and use that noticing as information-gathering for what your body is telling you. It is a practice and each time it will be different.

Yoga is a balance between ease and effort, so if a pose feels challenging see if you can soften into it. As well, if a position feels easy, see how you can build stability by backing out.