New Year’s Day Event

Blasting Past Limits in 2015: RBY New Year’s Day Workshop

Setting Intentions and Guided Visualization are ancient practices for accessing the power of the mind to create beneficial circumstances. If you are in a rut, searching for direction, or wanting to enhance an already fantastic life, you can use the power of intention.

The word for intention in Sanskrit is sankalpa. We could exchange the word intention for purpose, motivation, or drive.

What will we actually do during the New Year’s Day event? Be ready for a challenging class that will open your pores, your heart, and your mind. We’ll work hard so you can drift into savasana with gratitude. During savasana, I will lead you on an inner journey that progressively deepens your relaxation. My background in hypnotherapy and yoga nidra come into play here.

In this relaxed state, you will be able to access wishes, dreams, and desires that you have for your precious life. You won’t fall asleep. You will be awake, but deeply relaxed, like a cat lolling in a patch of sunshine, without a care in the world. You won’t have to think about time or obligations. For a while you will luxuriate in the o.k.-ness of just being. And it is here where with the power of words and thoughts we will plant the seeds that we want to grow and thrive in the New Year.

Then I’ll ring the bell and we’ll take a short break to get a cup of tea and gather the art supplies. We’ll sit in a circle so we can share materials, but each of us will approach making our Vision Board in our own way. You might bring photos and other images from home— things that are personally meaningful to you.

We live in a world of symbols. Making a Vision Board is a powerful way to play with personally meaningful symbols, to call into your life what you desire and deserve. Plus it’s fun!  Consider bringing a friend.

If you have questions about this event, please email or call me at (206)920-7067.