Gentle Hatha & Reiki Workshop


Through life we develop blockages of energy in our bodies that create anxiety, depression, physical ailments, fear, stress and restlessness which leads to disease or dis-ease.  Understanding how to release these blockages through movement and knowledge of your chakras is key to a healthier and well balanced you.

Join Rebekah for a 2 day workshop and develop the awareness of your energy and how to help it flow through your body.  You will expand a deeper sense of your chakras and learn specific asanas (poses) and pranayama (breath work) to help open or balance each one.  As you relax in a long savasana you will  receive Reiki (energy healing) from Rebekah.

Reiki is the Universal Life Energy which sustains and restores us bringing us back to optimum health and balance.  When the body becomes depleted of this energy and if there has been injury or trauma inflicted upon the body, mind and/or emotions, imbalances and energetic blocks begin to manifest. These imbalances and energetic blocks are the root cause for most ailments.

Reconnect to you and develop a new found relationship with your energy!

When:  Saturday and Sunday March 24th and 25th
Time:  12:00 – 2:00 p.m. both days
Cost:  $35 per day ($28 for members) – may be purchased for just one day. The classes will build off one another but are designed in such a way that only attending one will still feel comprehensive and worthwhile.