Myofascial Release Workshop

Myofascial Release for Neck and Shoulder Tension
December 10th 12-2 p.m.
with Torrey Kaminski

Myo-what?! Myofascial Release is an effective, self-treatment therapy that focuses on relaxing the deep tissues of the body. Myo refers to our muscles, and fascia is the dense connective tissue that covers all muscles and bones in the body. The muscles and fascia in our neck and shoulders can become tight due to poor posture, emotional stress, or lack of streching. When our muscles and fascia become too tight, it can lead to issues such as headaches, muscle strain, inflammation, and recurring injuries. Join Torrey Kaminski for this hands-on workshop where attendees will learn a variety of exercises that help reduce and relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat.  No experience necessary.

$40 ($32 for members)