Winter Challenge

Winter Challenge:

December 15th-March 15th

Why have just one?

Challenge A. 
– Attend 60 classes between December 15th and March 15th and receive 20% off your next purchase or monthly membership charge.
Challenge B.
– The 5 Minute Challenge
1 minute of plank
1 minute of chaturanga (yoga push up) to cobra to downdog to chaturanga
1 minute of dolphin or dolphin push ups
1 minute of lower boat
1 minute of handstand
It’s ok to simply make the effort and modify the poses as needed. 
These can be done before any of Rob’s classes, 10 minutes before class. (It will take 5 minutes:) 
Log 30 sessions between now and March 15th for a 20% discount.
There will be a sign up in the back office for both options. Rather than being just one winner, anyone who completes either challenge will win!