Sharon in Tree in Sri Lanka

RBY Student Practices on Pilgrimage

Tree Pose atop Sri Lanka, anyone?

Sharon Richards is an intrepid traveler, Soul Stroller (read on!), and lover of life.

She was recently on an adventure in India and Sri Lanka with her husband, and sent this photo of her beautiful tree pose on a hilltop in Sri Lanka.

The photo has a long caption: “It is an amazing feeling to practice yoga far from home, far from the studio– knowing all the while that our fellow students are practicing and there will be a welcoming place to return to.”

Indeed, we keep the home yoga fires burning for you while you are away.

Sharon commented that our practice is supported by others’ practice in a very real way. The next time you are in tree pose or any other favorite pose, think of all the thousands and thousands of people who have been there, are there with you now, and will be right there where you are in the future.

No yogi is an island, no matter how far from home, no matter how distant the island on which you practice! Sharon leads pilgrimages, called Soul Strolling, to magical places. Check out her website: And to prepare you for your journey, here is a wonderful book about pilgrimage that Sharon recommended: The Art of Pilgrimage,  by Phil Cousineau. Enjoy!