On Practicing Responsibly at RBY

Yoga is meant to be challenging and designed for students to develop into. It’s only natural that some of any given sequence will feel inaccessible. It’s also natural to feel uncomfortable or even “down on ones’ self” when confronted with our own limits. But in yoga, we slowly learn to let go of negative self-talk and understand that our practice is our own and our development will come at our own pace.  Please approach this hour, and your practice in general, with a sense of adventure and joy!  The minute you do so, you will have taken a vital step towards being a more confident and resilient human being. You will need to feel your limits out carefully and modify or rest when necessary. But every week and every month will see both physical and mental/spiritual growth if you keep at it. When you find your limits strive to keep the mind calm even as the body struggles. And when your own inner wisdom tells you to, please take rest for a bit and then come back into it when you’re ready.