A Good Night’s Sleep

Recently a student told me that after her first Wednesday morning pranayama class, she had the best night of sleep since she could remember. This was her first yoga class ever! She left thinking that not much could come of a half-hour breathing class, but she’s hooked and she keeps coming back. There is nothing like a good nights’ sleep!

Pranayama is one of many tools yoga provides. Asana means “posture”, or “seat”. Most yoga classes are asana classes. Somewhere along the line, we started using the words “yoga” and “asana” as if they were synonymous. But they aren’t. And there is a lot more to yoga than asana.

Here’s a fun word: yogasana. When you come to vinyasa, hatha, gentle, or yin classes, you are for the most part practicing yogasana, or yoga postures. That’s fantastic. But pranayama, one of the eight limbs of yoga in Patanjali’s system (see the Yoga Sutra), is also a powerful tool for health and well-being.  Join us next time you have a free Wednesday morning. 9:30 to 10 a.m.