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Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1.12 – 1.17

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1.12 – 1.17 1.12 The Changing States of Mind are stilled by practice and dispassion (detachment). 1.13 Practice is the effort to be fixed in concentrating the mind.  1.14 Practice becomes firmly established when it has been cultivated uninterruptedly and with devotion over a prolonged period of …Read More

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1.3 & 1.4

1.3 When that is accomplished, the seer abides in its own true nature 1.4 Otherwise, at other times, the seer is absorbed in the changing states of the mind.  Is meditation or yoga a means to an end, do we focus the mind in order to find this quiet, settled mind, …Read More

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1.2

1.2 Yoga is the Stilling of the Changing States of the Mind. Where can we find peace, a place of rest and repose? What does it mean to quiet the mind? Does it come about by some sort of external pressure applied, by force of will and thought – forcing …Read More

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 1.1

1.1 Now the Teachings of Yoga are Presented. So begins the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali in a fairly innocuous fashion. It’s easy to assume that Patanjali is simply saying, “So we begin.” Many scholars and practitioners have pointed out, though, that Patanjali was not one to waste time or mince …Read More

Mary’s Place Offerings

RBY is now offering a monthly donation to Mary’s Place, a women’s shelter in Seattle. Every month we collect specific items to give to the shelter. If you’d like to share, please bring them in to the office before class. Thanks! This month our focus is on Hair Products, specifically …Read More

Deep Stretch

At Richmond Beach Yoga Studio, we are excited to be offering two new intensive stretching classes, Tuesday and Thursday at 8am. Like our Yin class, the Deep Stretch classes are designed primarily to work towards greater flexibility in the hips, hamstrings and lower back while developing a deep sense of …Read More

Yoga Teacher Training Resources

5 resources for finding the perfect yoga teacher training program for you 1. Yoga Alliance First, make sure that the school or teacher is recognized by Yoga Alliance. While not all of us necessarily feel they are any kind of real authority, they certainly have established themselves as a resource that …Read More

2016 in Retrospect

Our Yoga Studio has seen a great many changes and developments in this last year and the new year is perfect time to take a closer look at what we’ve accomplished together and where we’re headed. Change of Ownership The beginning of Summer began with a change of ownership as …Read More

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Richmond Beach Yoga! The New Year, as we all know, is a time to reflect on our previous efforts and re-set and re-energize our efforts for the coming year. Today, this morning, 8 of us came together to run through 108 sun salutations over 2 hours. …Read More

Yoga Teacher Training at RBY

A New Start in March! With the new year coming many of us want to start fresh with a sense of direction and purpose, look for ways to be challenged and grow in our lives and our practice. Our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training beginning in March is an excellent …Read More

How to choose “Your” Yoga Studio

I have been to many yoga studios. What keeps me coming back to a yoga studio is determined by many factors. These factors are subjective, but here are 7 aspects to consider when choosing a yoga studio. Location It is going to be hard to be consistent with your practice if …Read More

Strength Clinic and Power Vinyasa

How we relax depends a lot on what our minds and bodies need. Some us need to work our muscles to exhaustion as much as we need to stretch our body and settle the breath. For that, we have the Strength Clinics and Power Vinyasa offerings. If you need a …Read More

Meditation at RBY

As you many of you have noticed we’re slowly building classes at RBY that reflect a variety of interests. It’s the hope, though, that it’s not just a mess of different offerings, but a cohort of classes that compliment one another. At RBY, we begin with learning classical, alignment based …Read More

Yoga For Easing Anxiety Q & A

Yoga for Easing Anxiety: a Workshop on December 3 Q & A with Angeline Johnston What can yoga contribute to healing anxiety? Yoga offers specific tools— things you can DO for yourself— that can heal at the physical, energetic, and psycho-emotional levels. Certain yoga practices help us to observe and …Read More

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra Q&A with Angeline Q: What is “Nidra”? A: Nidra means “sleep”, but we stay awake during the Yoga Nidra process. It’s really delightful— especially for anyone who has sleep issues and therefore doesn’t get the wonderful rest that’s expected from a good night’s sleep. Guided deep relaxation can …Read More

Musings on Vulnerability

Slowly reading, ‘Daring Greatly’ by Brene Brown. From page 43 In the song “Hallelujah,” Leonard Cohen writes, “Love is not a victory march, it’s a cold  and it’s a broken hallelujah.” Love is a form of vulnerability and if you replace the word love with vulnerability in that line, it’s just as true. From calling …Read More

New Fall Series Classes

Fall will get rolling with a new set of  8 week, series classes. Each will take place in our beautiful East side Studio.  More info about each coming soon!!! Men’s Class begins August 24th Wednesdays 5:30 – 7:00 with Rob Kovacevic   Post Natal Begins September 16th with Kristen Stevens …Read More

RBY’s Yoga Studio Side Space Returns!!!

Yes, summer has barely let us know she’s here and we’re already anticipating the Fall season. But it’s cause we’re so darned excited about the side space coming back to RBY!!! We’ll begin with offering the following community based classes in early Fall:   A Post-Natal Class. Continuing the Children’s …Read More

Children’s Yoga Begins July!!!

Children’s Yoga with Emily Peterson A class just-for-kids! Mondays: July 11th – August 29th. 8 week series. Prepaid $88 per child 2:00 – 2:45 p.m. Ages 5 – 8 3:00 – 3:45 p.m. Ages 9 – 12 In a safe, nurturing environment your little yogi can begin to explore basic …Read More

Summer Solstice Sound Bath

Summer Solstice Sound Bath at Richmond Beach Yoga Sunday, June 19th, 8pm-9pm A time to celebrate the life-sustaining light of the sun, Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the year, and for many, ushers in a season of relaxation, play, and soaking up the sunshine!  It’s a time to …Read More

Thirty-four different opportunities to practice!

Since January, RBY has offered more than thirty classes to it’s members. We’ve added a couple more for the Summer and are now at thirty four classes offered every week. What this means to all of us is that we have every opportunity to not only keep our practice consistent …Read More

The Magic of Retreat

Every retreat is full of surprises. Once you’ve been on retreat, you know to expect the unexpected: maybe not a huge epiphany, but a small, meaningful shift in perspective. Whether we are retreating from something or seeking peace and quiet, something in us begins to stir the moment we set …Read More

Like the Best Nap of Your Life: Restorative Yoga Begins March 4

This is from Alison Solam, who will be teaching the Candlelight Restorative Yoga class on Fridays from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. I am thrilled to be teaching a Restorative Yoga class at Richmond Beach Yoga. Restorative Yoga means different things to different people, so I’d like to take this opportunity …Read More

Replacing Chronic Pain with Chronic Yoga

What would you risk giving up in developing a chronic case of yoga? Chronic crankiness? Chronic creakiness? Chronic cough? I met a new student today– one with scoliosis. I told her that yoga does help scoliosis, but only if you KEEP DOING IT. I told her I gave up chronic …Read More

Meet Our New Teacher

Kim Parker came to the Richmond Beach Yoga teacher training program last year with a wealth of yoga experience, life experience, and a serious practice of her own. She is a walking treasure trove of smarts, heart, and passion– prerequisites for teaching at RBY! Read on to find out more about …Read More

This Short Blog Post is About Rain and Energy Channels in Our Bodies and Feeling Awesome.

Ten years old again! After hours at the computer, I venture out in my Canadian galoshes and my yellow reflective vest, umbrella in hand. This is not a drizzle or a mist. This is a decisive rain with no sign of stopping. I find myself trekking through rivulets and plunking through puddles. I …Read More

On Being New to Yoga

We offer a monthly Intro to Yoga workshop at RBY. Do you remember the last time you tried something new? It takes courage! Perhaps you can even remember what it was like to learn to ride a bicycle. It took perseverance and a lot of help, for most of us– …Read More

Pain Care Yoga in Portlandia

Two things were confirmed for me this weekend in Portland: 1) Yoga is a superior method for working with chronic pain, and 2) Portlanders really are DIY-ers. The first was learned in a 3-day intensive training with Neil Pearson, a physiotherapist from Canada who is an expert on chronic pain …Read More

A Lending Library for Lifelong Learners

We’ve started a lending library at RBY, and it opens for business this weekend. Want to contribute? Please bring in yoga-related books that you no longer want on your shelf at home. We would love your help in building a collection of reference books, philosophy books, and meditation guides. Want to …Read More

Rise Up In Handstand

A great time was had by all in the Headstand Posture Clinic on November 7th. In keeping with the theme of going upside-down, we are exploring Handstand next! Learning technique helps overcome fear. In this workshop, you will be given many tips, you will get plenty of one-on-one help, and …Read More

Boldly Go Nowhere in Headstand

The King of Poses cultivates balance, confidence, and poise. BKS Iyengar called it one of the most important poses, and “the basic posture.” The headstand we practice is actually Supported Headstand, thank goodness– Salamba Sirsasana, not Niralamba Sirsasana. In Niralamba Sirsasana, you are standing on your head with your arms reaching skyward …Read More

Teacher Profile: Alison

It’s hard to imagine that Alison Solam was ever new to yoga– or to teaching, for that matter. She has a seamless, elegant way of guiding her students that makes it look easy. She also has a masterful yoga practice of her own, which she says usually takes place at home with loud …Read More

The RBY Logo: Not Just a Tree

With the 4th anniversary of our first class approaching on October 7th, I thought I’d explain the RBY logo and font. There is nothing accidental about it, and I’ll never forget the hours and hours of discussion and drawing that resulted in our designs. The majestic madrona tree on the …Read More

Human Beings are Amazing

Need a little inspiration? I read this gem from Sharon Salzberg this morning: “Our potential as human beings is measureless; it is vast, unfathomable. Our minds are incredibly dynamic, powerful, energetic force fields. Recognizing these realities is the ground for seeing that what we care about and what we do …Read More

Teacher Training: Study Is a Source of Joy

In one of my favorite yoga books, Georg Feuerstein writes: “An ancient scripture, the Shata-Patha-Brahmana (, declares that, for serious students, study is a source of joy. It focuses the student’s mind and lets him or her sleep peacefully. It also yields to insight and the capacity to master life. …Read More

Inspiration from Fellow Students

Last week, a participant in the Summer Challenge told me her back has never felt better. She has been coming to class every day since the summer solstice, and she is glowing! Yesterday, a student reported after class: “I did things today that I didn’t know I could do!” And …Read More

Magical Flutes at RBY: Torrey Talks About the Sound Bath

How was the last Sound Bath? Did you enjoy it? The last Sound Bath was such a wonderful event! In the past, I have attended Sound Baths as a participant and love the meditative effects of the music. I really enjoy collaborating with Kate Towell and being able to offer …Read More

Why Yoga Teachers Get Up in the Morning

It’s not to eat Wheaties! It’s for when a student says, “I’ve only been to class 5 times now, and my back already feels better!” Hip hip hooray! See you in class!

Are You Considering a Silent Meditation Retreat?

Every time I go to a silent meditation retreat, people seem intrigued. They often say, “I think I could use one of those.” Can you imagine 3 or more days with no cell phone, no internet, and no social talking? Does the idea appeal to you? We are fortunate in …Read More

Donation Class for the Children of Nepal (UNICEF) this Sunday

RBY teacher Yvette Sanchez’s sister Lauren landed in Nepal 30 minutes before the big quake. Read on for a heart-stopping account of this heartbreaking disaster. Join Yvette on Sunday evening, May 3rd from 6:15 to 7:30 for a special class for which all proceeds will be sent to UNICEF to help …Read More

RBY Student Practices on Pilgrimage

Tree Pose atop Sri Lanka, anyone? Sharon Richards is an intrepid traveler, Soul Stroller (read on!), and lover of life. She was recently on an adventure in India and Sri Lanka with her husband, and sent this photo of her beautiful tree pose on a hilltop in Sri Lanka. The photo …Read More

In the Teachers’ Words: To All of You Who Are New to Yoga (And Really, Who Isn’t?)

Here is some practical advice from 3 of our teachers: From Molly Filer: Be patient. This is a practice of microscopic shifts and slow transformation. It is not about learning to do fancy poses (although you might learn to do those too!), but about cultivating the ability to turn your …Read More

3 Questions for Dylan About His Yoga Philosophy Class

One of the little-known secrets about Richmond Beach Yoga is that we have a great Yoga Philosophy class every Thursday from 8 to 9 p.m., and it is included in your membership. Here is Dylan demystifying the class: Angeline: What is the philosophy class like, and who is it for? Dylan: …Read More

Hands-On Adjustments in Yoga Classes

How do we receive a hands-on adjustment? First of all, just receive it; there is no need to say thank you. Your teacher is happy to adjust you. It’s our job. Whether we are doing a deepening assist or actually helping you correct your pose, we are glad to be …Read More

What Is a Sound Bath? Interview with Kate

We’re having an Equinox Sound Bath at RBY on Sunday, March 22nd from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.  I asked Kate to tell us more about the event. Angeline: What will I be doing as a participant in the Sound Bath? Kate: There isn’t much “doing” by the participants during the Sound Bath. …Read More

A Good Night’s Sleep

Recently a student told me that after her first Wednesday morning pranayama class, she had the best night of sleep since she could remember. This was her first yoga class ever! She left thinking that not much could come of a half-hour breathing class, but she’s hooked and she keeps …Read More

All About RBY’s Mindfulness Meditation Program

Mindfulness meditation is everywhere in the news these days because scientists are showing how it changes our brains, making us smarter, happier, calmer and healthier. Meditation helps us relate better to the inevitable difficulties in life. Meditation is the opposite of multi-tasking. It teaches us to see clearly where before …Read More

We’re glad you like the new schedule!

Thank you for all the enthusiastic feedback about the new schedule! Many hours of thought went into crafting it, so to know that students are pleased and excited matters a lot. Some folks are going to miss the Tuesday/Thursday 5 p.m., but I am hoping the addition of the 5 p.m. class …Read More

Yoga Breathing/Pranayama Is the Key to Wellness.

It’s said that taking our first breath is one of the hardest things we’ll ever do. As babies and young children, we breathe in a healthy, natural way. But by the time we reach adulthood, we have developed dysfunctional breathing habits. Many of us breathe high in the chest or …Read More

Blasting Past Limits in 2015: RBY New Year’s Day Workshop

Setting Intentions and Guided Visualization are ancient practices for accessing the power of the mind to create beneficial circumstances. If you are in a rut, searching for direction, or wanting to enhance an already fantastic life, you can use the power of intention. The word for intention in Sanskrit is sankalpa. We …Read More

International Day of Yoga

June 21, 2015 will be the first-ever International Day of Yoga, thanks to the United Nations’ swift passing of the popular initiative with a record 175 countries sponsoring. Apparently yoga was not a hard sell in the U.N. General Assembly; Asoke Mukerji, India’s ambassador to the U.N., spoke of yoga’s …Read More

All Yoga is Yoga for Skiers

It would take a lot more than yoga practice to make me a good downhill skier (for example hypnotherapy to eliminate my fear of careening at high speed down a slick, steep hill while dodging trees and perfectly innocent other skiers). My lack of skiing finesse is undeniable. Yoga to …Read More

We All Stood Up for Goodness

There were 19 excellent talks at today’s TEDx Rainier, but we only stood up to clap for one. It won’t be online yet, but as soon as it is (give it a week or so), watch Rex Hohlbein’s talk about homelessness. If, like Hohlbein, you cry easily, keep some kleenex …Read More

How Yoga Affects Anxiety and Depression

The idea that yoga helps manage depression and anxiety is nothing new, but science is zeroing in on just how this works. One recent study at Boston University’s School of Medicine shows that yoga increases the amount of GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid), which is associated with improved mood and decreased …Read More

Can you pay for yoga with your HSA or FSA?

Do you have a Heath Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account through your insurance provider? You might be able to use those funds to pay for yoga classes. Some insurance companies are allowing this. It’s worth looking into! Call your insurance provider, and remember to breathe deeply and calmly while waiting …Read More

In Yoga, as in Music: The Best Teachers are Those Who Are Still Students

By Torrey Kaminski, the youngest talent at RBY: I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful and inspiring group of teachers here at Richmond Beach Yoga! Many of you may already recognize me as a regular student at RBY. I completed the 200-hour teacher training certification …Read More

Practicing with Grief and Loss by Jennifer Bendemire

Yoga teaches us to do what may at first seem impossible. The first day I walked into the studio, I was not sure what to expect. I had honestly never thought of myself as a “yoga person,” but needed a way to work through a difficult time after my step-mom …Read More

“It’s Like Art” by Willa Junkinsmith

By Willa Junkinsmith Yoga has been and continues to be a complete re-awakening of my spirit. Through my practice I have become stronger, more compassionate towards myself and others, more patient, and more my true self. Yoga has enabled me to change my thought patterns to healthy ones and open …Read More

NEW Richmond Beach Yoga Blog!

Welcome to our brand new Yoga Blog! Click on any of the posts below to read more. To go to the RBY Blog homepage, click RBY Blog in the menu bar above. Email studio@richmondbeachyoga.com with ideas, requests, and/or submissions for the Student to Student column. Enjoy!

Dance Your Yoga with Theresa Elliott

I just watched several performances of Yoga Dance at Theresa’s Crown Hill studio: so poetic, so elegant, and yet (because of all the recognizable yoga poses) so comfortingly  familiar. It was vinyasa (flow, or how we move from one thing to another) brought to new artistic heights. Take already-gorgeous and powerful postures and add …Read More

World Yoga Day: Can Yoga Save the World?

According to the September 28th Seattle Times, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proposed a new United Nations observance: World Yoga Day. Mr. Modi told the General Assembly that yoga has “therapeutic powers” and could help “tackle global problems” in the following way: Yoga, he said, “could bring a change in …Read More

How to Practice with Injury

The time comes for most of us when we have to decide whether or not to come to class with an injury. How should you make this decision? First of all, remember that yoga teachers are not doctors. We cannot diagnose or treat an injury. We can offer up a healing practice …Read More

Anjali: The Mudra of Offering

When we bring our hands together at the level of the heart, we are making a gesture known in yoga as “anjali mudra”. Anjali is often translated as “offering”, and in The Concise Dictionary of Indian Philosophy, John Grimes uses “handful” to explain the Sankskrit term, as in “a handful of …Read More

Thoughts on Teacher Training

“It is fun to have fun, but you have to know how” ~Dr. Seuss in The Cat in the Hat You’ve fallen in love with yoga, and now you want to teach. It makes sense; yoga makes you feel better. Perhaps it has made an old ailment go away, or …Read More