RBY as a Place of Practice and the Amida 20 Flow

RBY is first and foremost a Place of Practice. This means that we are a place for like minded practitioners to come and share their passion for developing their practice and the Mind/Body. Some people are genuinely surprised, for example, that every week we have 3 times set aside just for quiet sitting. No instruction. No guidance. We don’t even charge for it. Totally free. A person can literally come in off the street and join us whenever they want. It’s just a time to come and be still and share your energy and essence with those sitting by you. It’s giving each and every one of us the respect we deserve, to assume we are strong enough practitioners to hold our own on the mat and are capable of maturing to the point where our practice is, just by virtue of us doing it, beginning to support and guide others. I’d like to think that all of our classes, meditation and yoga, share this spirit. We are not creating ‘good yoga students’ but powerful agents of change and goodwill in this crazy, crazy world. With that in mind, we are offering a new flow called the Amida 20 Flow. It’s created with the Person of Practice in mind. For those who just want to deepen on their mat and are looking for a place and people who can support them on this precious journey this new class is being offered. Of course, RBY, in general, exists to support each and every one of us on our journey to make this a better world through our own development. See you on the mat!

Here’s the Amida 20 Flow in detail.

The Amida 20 Flow: Sequence of Postures

Tadasana 5minutes
Plank 1
Surya A 5
Dancer Flow 5
Twist/Lunge Flow 5
Navasana 2
Handstand/ Headstand 2
Tree. (Right) 1
Lung Twist (Right) 1
Warrior 2. (Right) 2
Side Angle (Right) 2
Triangle (Right) 1
1/2 Moon (Right) 2
Prasarita Series 2
Dolphin & Dol. Push Ups 2
Side Plank /S.P. Push Ups 3
Tree (Left) 1
Lunge Twist (Left) 1
Warrior 2 (Left) 2
Side Angle (Left) 2
Triangle (Left) 1
1/2 Moon (Left) 2
Bridge/ Weel 1
Forward Fold 1
Square R/L 2
Lying Twist 2
Savasana 5