The RBY Logo: Not Just a Tree

With the 4th anniversary of our first class approaching on October 7th, I thought I’d explain the RBY logo and font. There is nothing accidental about it, and I’ll never forget the hours and hours of discussion and drawing that resulted in our designs.

The majestic madrona tree on the bluff at Saltwater Park is the RBY tree.  For me it represents a sense of place: a love and reverence for the Northwest, where I was born and raised and where the yoga studio stands.

The madrona is a beautiful tree, and no two are at all alike. If you’ve been to Whidbey Island and driven along Madrona Drive on Penn Cove, you know why I fell in love with madrona trees as a child growing up there.  The madrona has many layers, and is an unusual colorful stand-out in this evergreen place, with its rusty bark and smooth inner skin, often yellow or avocado green. (Look for the colors of the madrona tree in the studio!)

For me the madrona is a great symbol of yoga because it’s the uniqueness of its sinuous, irregular limbs that make it so strangely elegant. It’s a reminder that our own beauty and well-being is not going to look like someone else’s.

And in our artistic rendering of the tree, the foliage is, of all things, a Tibetan cloud. This is homage to my meditation teachers in the Tibetan tradition, and also to the roots of yoga, which are in the East.  The cloud symbolizes our potential to liberate our minds.

The font in which “Richmond Beach Yoga” appears is called “Jupiter”.  This is an elegant, expressive font. I was born under the sign of Jupiter, and my secret “theme song” for the studio is “Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity” from Gustav Holst’s “The Planets”.  It is exuberant, optimistic music. For me, it stands for the power of yoga to lift us up from depression, to lift our gaze to the treetops and the clouds and the limitless sky beyond, where we realize our potential for happiness of body and mind.