What Is a Sound Bath? Interview with Kate

We’re having an Equinox Sound Bath at RBY on Sunday, March 22nd from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.  I asked Kate to tell us more about the event.

Angeline: What will I be doing as a participant in the Sound Bath?

Kate: There isn’t much “doing” by the participants during the Sound Bath. Similar to meditation, you are more in the state of “being”.  We will begin by aligning our intention and tuning into the energy of the Winter Solstice. Then you will get comfortable, connect to your breath and relax.  All you have to do is just be present, have an open heart, lie down and allow yourself to receive the sound healing.

A: Sounds deeply relaxing! So what is a Sound Bath?

K:  A Sound Bath is an experience of sound and vibration. The term “Sound Bath” is used because you are “bathed” in the vibrations of the bowls, gong, and other instruments– including Torrey’s magical flute!

A: How does this make us “clean”?

K: During a typical Sound Bath, participants lie on the floor or sit in a comfortable position, relax and let the sound wash over them. Sound does cleanse energy. Similar to when you use sage to smudge and clear a space of negative energy with the right intention, the sound vibrational energy is used to cleanse and clear your chakras and subtle energy body.

A: What is the historical and cultural context of the singing bowls?

K: Sound has been used throughout history and by many cultures as a means for prayer, meditation, ceremony, and healing. The Tibetan tradition of sound healing using singing bowls has been practiced for more than 2,000 years. The bowls are made from seven different metals, infused with mantra and uniquely aligned and tuned to the energy of the planets and to the chakras. The benefits of sound healing include deep relaxation, stress relief, improved memory, better sleep, mental clarity, increased vitality, and more.

A: Please talk a bit about the role of sound in yoga.

K: There is a branch of yoga called Nada Yoga, which is the yoga of sound. According to this tradition, certain sounds specifically activate the various energy centers in the body, stimulate the brain, and resonate and harmonize with the vibration of the universe. That is why the singing bowls are tuned to resonate with each one of the seven chakras. Sound has a vast role in many traditions of yoga, and chanting Om is maybe the simplest example of the role sound plays in yoga.  My singing bowl teacher, Suren, says that our positive intention and prayers become part of the vibration during the sound bath and are carried on the wave of sound to the divine. That sounds like yoga to me!

A: Indeed! Thank you, Kate. See you on the 22nd!