Teacher Bios

Alison Solam

RYT 500 I went to my first yoga class because my back hurt from a kickboxing class, and also because I had heard Madonna and Sting did it, so that was something. I got really lucky with my first teacher, and I practiced with her 5-6 days a week for …Read More

Angeline Johnston

YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) E-RYT 500 Richmond Beach Yoga grew out of my love of yoga and my desire to teach in my own community. It has been thrilling to watch the studio grow. It makes me incredibly happy to hear stories from students about how their practice …Read More

Dylan Noebels

E-RYT 500 Dylan has been teaching yoga in the Puget Sound region for the past ten years + and is super excited to bring his sense of humour and keen yoga insight to Richmond Beach Yoga. His intent is to adapt the practice to the individual and make yoga accessible …Read More

Emily Peterson

RYT 200 Emily has a zest for life, an ability to see through a child’s eyes, and a true love for yoga! She is able to connect with children on a creative and playful level, that is both authentic and true. This opportunity to help guide them back to their …Read More

Kim Parker

RYT-200 Kim first stumbled across a yoga videotape while in high school.  She was surprised by the calming and centering effect the simple sun salutations had on both her mind and body.  In college, yoga reminded her how to get out of her busy head and connect with her body …Read More

Kristen Stevens

RYT 200 Kristen is registered with Yoga Alliance as an RYT 200, after completing the 200 Hour Teacher Training at Discover Yoga in Redmond, WA in May 2013. After practicing for more than 12 years, she decided to pursue teaching yoga when her twin boys were almost two years old. …Read More

Nora Vandenberghe

RYT 200 Nora began practicing yoga in 2005 after years of gymnastics and dance had taken their toll. She soon realized yoga offered the movement she loved (and the stillness she didn’t know she would love so much), but also that her time on the mat helped a once professional …Read More

Pam Brown

RYT 200 I have loved studying yoga for many years.  I started with a gym, but quickly discovered the benefit of a studio, with its warm, highly trained and focused instructors.  These instructors helped me find my way in yoga.   I have explored and studied several yoga styles including …Read More

Rob Kovacevic

RYT 200  Physical based Yoga is an expression of life at its most intimate and raw. It’s punk. It’s revolutionary. It’s a place of strength where your self-worth is 100% evident to you. It’s the joy of movement and discovering the full and enormous energy that is the body. It’s that …Read More

Sharon Jenson

RYT 200 I have been a student of yoga for many years.  I have always been interested in the philosophical and meditative aspects of yoga, as well as the physical benefits.  After retiring from my work as a physician in 2014, I wondered what could I do for my community. …Read More

Torrey Kaminski

RYT 200 Torrey Kaminski was hooked on yoga after her very first class.  Plunging in with a regular yoga practice, she immediately noticed the positive effects and improved mind-body balance in her life.  She is grateful every day for these endless benefits and the life lessons she has learned from her yoga …Read More

Willla Junkinsmith

RYT 200 A Seattle area native, Willa first approached yoga practices as an attempt to actively combat depression. The exploration of yoga as philosophy combined with asana spoke to her, and Willa quickly found herself becoming better equipped with tools to change unhealthy thought patterns and skewed views of herself. Looking for a way …Read More

Yvette Sanchez

RYT-500 I aspire to create an environment of healing through an artful blend of breath-centered vinyasa flow– all while providing a sensitive touch during adjustments. My mission is to inspire my students to become more compassionate towards themselves and others by stirring in them a curiosity about how the emotional, …Read More