Kim Parker


Kim first stumbled across a yoga videotape while in high school.  She was surprised by the calming and centering effect the simple sun salutations had on both her mind and body.  In college, yoga reminded her how to get out of her busy head and connect with her body and breath.  While studying abroad in Trinidad & Tobago, Kim was reunited with her childhood love of hand-drumming.  Moved by the radiance of the drumming, singing, and folk dancing, she was fascinated by how comfortable the Trinis were in their own skin and with their own voices; they moved throughout their days with a natural rhythm and expressive joyfulness that inspired her to accept the beauty of her own body’s movements and explore the expression of her own voice.  She went on to study comparative religions and global development, while also playing with many music ensembles and traveling the world to share music on tour.

The 2008 recession led her to juggle two jobs while trying to pay off student loans.  Yoga became a lifeline for balance and peace in the midst of working long hours in a demanding office environment.  The stress took a visible toll, exacerbating chronic back issues and also disrupting sleep, digestion, and mental focus.  After years of trying to change herself  to fit the mold of that environment, a series of unexpected deaths in her family shook her foundation and served as a wake up call to take better care of herself.  Yoga became a healing space for her to face the realization that the path she had been set on was not serving her well.  This sparked a major overhaul in priorities – a desire to be more fully present, to cultivate joy, and to create a new path that encouraged authenticity, passion, empathy, and connection.  Inspired by her own experience of healing through acupuncture, nutrition, massage, meditation, and yoga, Kim found herself drawn to deepen her yoga practice by pursuing teacher training.

Kim draws on her own experiences of struggle and growth to meet students where they are with empathy and encouragement.  She believes her task as a teacher is to listen, hold space, and offer her knowledge and intuition to help others connect with the power of this practice as well as the ancient wisdom that is present within each of us.  Every person and experience is a teacher holding up a mirror for us to learn something new about ourselves, so we might shed the skins that no longer serve us and reveal that beautiful essence of truth at our core, which is our connection to Source and all that is.