Pam Brown

RYT 200

I have loved studying yoga for many years.  I started with a gym, but quickly discovered the benefit of a studio, with its warm, highly trained and focused instructors.  These instructors helped me find my way in yoga.   I have explored and studied several yoga styles including that of Iyengar as well as some Ashtanga and Birkram. For now, I have settled on a modified Hatha style with an Iyengar foundation. Lately, Viniyoga has become of interest to me in my personal practice and influences my teaching. I made the “stretch” to teaching in order to further my own practice and support others in their exploration of this vast and exciting subject.  I work to inspire students through humor, kindness and caring. I have been a volunteer with Senior Services for 22 years and find working with seniors to be particularly enjoyable, although I enjoy working with people of all ages. I teach at RBY during the warm months and migrate south with the sun to teach in Arizona in the winter.  My home and heart will always be with RBY, where I received my teacher training from kind people who encouraged me to practice at a level that inspires and engages me.