Rebekah Santiago

RYT 200 Rebekah started her yoga journey in 1999 attending prenatal classes with her first child. Discovering the importance of movement, breath and awareness of the body through these classes and how it all ties together encouraged her to seek out many different styles of yoga.  Through the birth of her second child in 2007 she truly understood the connection of pranayama (breath work) and asanas (poses) and how helpful it was going through labor.  It was at that moment she knew teaching yoga was next for her journey, to share this knowledge with others.

Rebekah’s goal through teaching is to have the students understand there bodies and needs.  To bring the student thoughtfully to awareness of their Being.  She believes the body is the best medicine and when you connect to your strengths and energy, physical and emotional healing occurs.
Through any of Rebekah’s classes you will understand that she can read a room and what is needed that day, that moment.  Holding space for students to grow naturally is very important for her.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced yogi, Rebekah will safely guide you through strengthening, stretching, energy work, and breath work that will improve your overall health and wellness.
Getting to know students, sharing stories and laughs is also a must for Rebekah.  Having a honest and trusting relationship with students allows the practice to be more fulfilling and relaxed.  Rebekah believes that not only is she teaching and guiding students, but also learning through each class.  The growth and journey of yoga on the mat allows balance and compassion off the mat for yourself and for others.