Rob Kovacevic

RYT 200 

Physical based Yoga is an expression of life at its most intimate and raw. It’s a place of strength where your self-worth is 100% evident to you. It’s the joy of movement and discovering the full and enormous energy that is the body. It’s that powerful.  But Yoga, first and foremost is a Practice. Meaning the work we put is what we get out of it. Yoga is revolutionary because we do not need to depend on a teacher or a book or some holier-than-thou-self-help-guru. All we need is our bodies and our awareness. If we put the work in, slowly we’ll get the benefit.

So, before alignment, the breath, or philosophy we commit to ourselves. We commit to our awareness of the body in each pose; a full, wild enthusiasm without expectation of any results.  We are practicing a radical form of honesty where our experience of the moment takes precedence even over the tools that yoga gives us. It’s incredibly exciting! It’s not uncommon for students to say after a strong session of yoga or meditation, “I feel most myself, most at home with myself, when i practice.” (of course, then the goal is to take that state back into your work and home:) Naturally, when we practice like this, we immediately confront everything that prevents us from being joyful, confident and open, i.e. we fail, we stumble. Risks wouldn’t be worth much if we immediately succeeded!. But the beauty of yoga is that, since all of these obstacles can be found in the body, we can use the breath, we can use alignment, to slowly work through all the things that hold us back. This full engagement of the practice is what is most essential and what I try to convey to my students.

I owned and operated a yoga and meditation studio in Mazatlan, Mexico for about eight years and am now the owner of RBY; a deeply humbling path as i’m surrounded by incredible teachers and students. I was a long-term student of Zen Buddhism, and you’ll find my teaching style constantly reinforces the need settle into the breath, into one’s center and stay present. My teaching is infused with a deep respect for the individual’s capacity to discover their own wisdom, strength and confidence simply by diving wholeheartedly into the practice. Thanks for coming to practice with us