Thashawna Johnson

I stumbled into yoga by chance, as part of a college course, and struggled to find my place. It felt “over my head” for awhile. I was constantly getting lost in my thoughts, judging what my body was (not) doing, and struggling my way through. It wasn’t until a year of practicing that I found a teacher and style I connected with. I started slowly growing quiet and curious, playfully challenging myself, building muscles I didn’t know I had!
I realized that I resisted practicing for so long because of where others were at, on their mat. I no longer wanted my practice to be focused on that. Yoga helped me build an honest and healing relationship with myself. It gave me the space to quietly observe, to grow comfortable with the uncomfortable and to accept myself.
In January 2014, after 7 years of on again off again practice, I lep into a 200 hour teacher training with Cloud Nine Yoga. It opened my eyes to different teachers and styles. Though, I’ve explored Ashtanga and Bikram, Vinyasa has always felt like home to me.
My teaching style is fun, curious and encouraging. What’s most important to me is creating space for others to be here, now, in today’s body, building a practice that works for them.