Dance Your Yoga with Theresa Elliott

I just watched several performances of Yoga Dance at Theresa’s Crown Hill studio: so poetic, so elegant, and yet (because of all the recognizable yoga poses) so comfortingly  familiar. It was vinyasa (flow, or how we move from one thing to another) brought to new artistic heights.

Take already-gorgeous and powerful postures and add music. Add smiles, bright and simple yoga clothes, and the everyday bodies of people who happen to practice yoga. Add Theresa Elliott’s creativity, encouragement, and passion. What you get is an accessible, not overly-choreographed work of performance art for regular folks. What an experience it is to move together as a group, with no pressure, plenty of room for mistakes, a little sweat, and a lot of joy!

If you are a dancer or a wannabe dancer (I like to remember that dance is a fundamental part of life in many, if not most of the world’s cultures), step out on November 8th with Theresa at RBY. This is a chance to get out of your comfort zone, but in a very supportive context. You’re already a yogi. Now come dance your yoga with us.