World Yoga Day: Can Yoga Save the World?

According to the September 28th Seattle Times, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proposed a new United Nations observance: World Yoga Day.

Mr. Modi told the General Assembly that yoga has “therapeutic powers” and could help “tackle global problems” in the following way: Yoga, he said, “could bring a change in our lifestyle and create awareness in us, and it can help in fighting against climate change.”

How, one might wonder, could yoga help curb climate change? Yoga is a very green activity. It requires very little in terms of resources— equipment, fuel for travel, and so forth. But more importantly, yoga helps us find what we are looking for inside of us. Perhaps as a result of practicing yoga, we eat better (choosing more sustainably-produced foods), and we feel less dependent on external sources of happiness, such as shopping for things we don’t really need.

Let’s keep an eye out to see if Prime Minister Modi’s proposal passes. Meanwhile, every day is Yoga Day at RBY!