Yoga For Easing Anxiety Q & A

Yoga for Easing Anxiety: a Workshop on December 3

Q & A with Angeline Johnston

What can yoga contribute to healing anxiety?

Yoga offers specific tools— things you can DO for yourself— that can heal at the physical,
energetic, and psycho-emotional levels. Certain yoga practices help us to observe and get
feedback from our body and our mind. These awareness practices aid in knowing, accepting,
and transforming our experience. If we’re in the dark, too busy to pay attention, it’s hard for
transformation to happen. Yoga can help us get centered and relaxed right now.

What are some specific things you’ll be offering in the workshop?

We’ll be drawing from the following: physical body awareness exercises, breathwork, guided
visualization, restorative poses, specific hand mudras (gestures, positions), and some teachings
from classical yoga that include beautiful, simple mantras (“mind protections”) you can say in
English. We’ll also discuss the yoga practices of devotion, love, reverence, and awe.

I attended your workshop last winter. It was great. Lots of information! How will this one be different?

This workshop is longer. It will be more experiential, because we’ll have time to savor. My goal
is for people to leave with at least 2 practices that they connect with and plan to implement in
their daily lives.

It seems like what you’re describing is a workshop that could address more than anxiety.

Absolutely. This workshop is not a replacement for professional mental health care, and yet
study after study shows the positive results yoga practice has in cases of anxiety, depression,
PTSD, and more. Plus, these time-honored practices are beautiful ways to cultivate positive
states of mind if that’s what is present!

My teenage daughter wants help managing her anxiety. Can she come?

Yes. This workshop is appropriate for teens and adults. Teens are smart and usually pick up on
this stuff quickly.

Lastly, what is your background? Why teach this workshop?

I wish I could have learned these practices when I was a kid. Actually, I did receive meditation
instruction when I was 8 years old, and meditation has helped me a lot! For many of us, it’s a life
practice to learn to feel at ease in the world. There’s the saying: “We teach what we want to
learn.” Plus I’ve done a lot of formal study and training over the years. But healing is not just an
intellectual process. Healing is something we participate in— mind and body, heart and soul.
That’s where yoga comes in.