Yoga Philosophy

3 Questions for Dylan About His Yoga Philosophy Class

One of the little-known secrets about Richmond Beach Yoga is that we have a great Yoga Philosophy class every Thursday from 8 to 9 p.m., and it is included in your membership. Here is Dylan demystifying the class:

Angeline: What is the philosophy class like, and who is it for?

Dylan: The philosophy class is a pretty informal discussion about the roots of the postures- what are the ideas that preceded them? How do they relate to everyday life? It is big questions like what is our true nature and how do we find the path that leads to its discovery, and it’s little things like what does Patanjali say about road rage?

Angeline: Clearly it is for anyone who is interested, then! Why do you like teaching philosophy?

Dylan: I love teaching the philosophy class because the philosophy of yoga is what made me realize I could actually spend the rest of my life doing yoga. Also, knowing where this stuff comes from adds a depth to the physical practice because they both have the same end in mind. And I love the philosophy because I love to talk and I love to listen and I learn something every single time.

Angeline: What are the benefits of studying yoga philosophy?

Dylan: The benefits of studying the philosophy are as varied as the benefits of the physical practice. In general, expect to gain some insight on how we relate to ourselves and to other people. Also expect commonsense reminders of things we already know! These old yogis cultivated a really unique way to deal with living a civilized life. You don’t have to practice too long to see the benefits of your physical practice bleed into other aspects of your life. The same is true. Yes change takes time, but it can also happen in an instant. The problems we deal with have not seemed to change since civilization began. I think the problems will never go away, so how we deal with those problems, turning them from problems into opportunities, sounds cheesy, but every experience is an opportunity for enlightenment. As far as I’m concerned, the old yogis really understood the challenges we face as people and figured out how to figure out the best course of action for ourselves.

See you in class!