Yoga Teacher Training Resources

5 resources for finding the perfect yoga teacher training program for you

1. Yoga Alliance

First, make sure that the school or teacher is recognized by Yoga Alliance. While not all of us necessarily feel they are any kind of real authority, they certainly have established themselves as a resource that many people trust and have created guidelines for yoga teacher training that most, if not all, schools abide by when creating a 200 or 500 hour program. It makes sense to make sure that the school you wish to do your training at is recognized by Yoga Alliance


2 & 3. Yoga School Directory & Seattle Yoga News

You can check out a list of yoga training sites by going either to the Yoga School Directory or, many cities have blogs that function as communal resources for the yoga community in that area. For example, Seattle Yoga News lists events, retreats and teacher trainings from all over the Seattle area.


Yoga School Directory

4. Stone Yoga School

If money and time is not an issue, check out these incredible international teacher training programs, where you get to work with master teachers in exotic locations. It’s not cheap, but if you can afford it, it’s potentially a fantastic way to not only learn how to teach from a phenomenal teacher, but you get to spend some weeks or months getting the experience of a lifetime, abroad. Here are two awesome programs to consider. (There also are some interesting programs in India, as well, if you’re willing to do the research).


Stone Yoga School

5. Richmond Beach Yoga

Of course, over at RBY, we offer a comprehensive program led by master teachers at a competitive price range.

Yoga Teacher Training